The Line: The Group

Our group had a very interesting set of words that came together into one common theme, reactions and qualities of light. Our words were reflecting, color, vast, intense, silhouette, light, intense and dynamic. It was not difficult finding how our words related, but it was very difficult coming up with a way to execute ways of illustrating our words together and how it related to the line. We decided that manipulating light in different ways the best way to do this, since light was the common theme. We all met in Cohen Studio, because the line ran through that space, and we could make the room dark. We didn’t have a plan going into the making of the project, so we decided to experiment with our flashlights. Since we all agreed upon a movie, we shoot tons of footage and decided to focus the content into our words. For example, we all shined our flashlights on one person, with different colors filters on them, so make different colored silhouettes on the wall, this illustrated the word “silhouette”. We eventually were able to illustrate all the words in the movie. However, we wanted our project as a whole to relate to the line. So we wanted to show our thought process when gathering information on the line. We did this by introducing our movie with a person writing notes in a sketch book for ideas for the project. This is our movie illustrating reactions and qualities of light on the line

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The Line Project: The Focus

This project was one of the most challenging projects, yet helped me grow the most as an artist. I appreciated how the project had forced me to not just gather information and regurgitate it, but to take all the information I had and to concentrate it into one place. Because my word was reflecting, I had many examples of this, but I didn’t know how to execute it into a work of art that would make sense to my audience.

I decided to start with looking back onto the information I had gathered and tried to see some kind of pattern. When defining my word, I was intrigued that I was able to find the same amount of definitions for the physical definition of reflecting as the non-physical ways of defining reflecting. When walking the line the second time I remember documenting examples of both physical and non-physical reflecting. I thought that combining both types of information could make a really beautiful work of art. However, I decided the video would be better served just describing the line physically.

I had already shot footage of myself walking through the line on a video camera, which turned out to be a very interesting image, which was a great physical example of myself reflecting upon the line, along with the mirror effect, I had added a voice over of myself explaining the definition of light reflection and sound reflection.

Here is a link to my video on youtube…

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Line Project: Reflecting

This is my exploration of the word reflection on the line. I decided to make a powerpoint presentation about this exploration. Here are a few of the slides…

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Word Definition

This is the dictionary definition of “reflecting”, according to



–verb (used with object) cast back (light, heat, sound, etc.) from a surface: Themirror reflected the light onto the wall. give back or show an image of; mirror.

3.(of an act or its result) to serve to cast or bring (credit,discredit, etc.) on its performer. reproduce; show: followers reflecting the views of the leader. throw or cast back; cause to return or rebound: Herbitterness reflects gloom on all her family.

–verb (used without object) be turned or cast back, as light. cast back light, heat, etc. be reflected or mirrored. give back or show an image. think, ponder, or meditate: to reflect on one’s virtues andfaults. serve or tend to bring reproach or discredit by association:His crimes reflected on the whole community. serve to give a particular aspect or impression: The test reflects well on your abilities

Reflection in a physical sense can cast back these things according to my research.

Sun Light

Sound waves

Colored light

An image

Light travels in a straight line until it hits an object, the object then reflects the light into our eyes. The object also absorbs some light. Objects that are shiny (metal) reflect light better than dull objects. Smooth, flat mirrors reflect light at the same angle as the light hits them so we can see reflections. For example, when I was finding examples of “reflecting” on the line, I saw light from the sun reflecting off car windows, rocks and broken glass.

There is a law of the reflection of sound.  It cannot reflect off transparent things. The reflected waves can interfere with incident waves, producing patterns of constructive and destructive interference. This can lead to resonances called standing waves. It also means that the sound intensity near a hard surface is intensified because the reflected wave adds to the incident wave.

our eyes and brain translate light into color. In our eyes there are light receptors that transmit messages to the brain which produce the sensations of color. Color is not inherent in objects, when light is shined on an object, the object absorbs all the colors except the one it reflects. Therefore we only see the colored light the object reflects. The object looks white to use when it reflects all light colors, and black when it doesn’t reflect any (darkness).

If an object is in front of a reflective surface, it can be reflected off of it. For example, a person(object) can stand in front of a mirror (reflective surface) and the image can be reflected back into the persons eyes, so the person feels like they are staring at themselves, when they are actually just staring at an image of themselves

Reflecting is a non-physical way( reflecting is usually a  verb, when talking about non-physical reflecting) Here are the different ways of reflecting

Reflection is to look back on something and to re-evaluate, to ponder something, not necessarily intending to criticize it. “After I reflected on my semester, I realized I need to spend more time studying). In psychology, The term “introspection” is a term for self reflection.

Reflection is to take something and reproduce on other individual, or individuals (for example the leaders actions reflect on the follower)

Reflection is also seeing an effect of something (the bad teaching skills of the teacher reflect in the students test grades)

Reflection- Is the title of several different songs by Christina Aguilera,  a German thrash metal band, A Finnish Gothic metal band and an album by Pentagle. It is also the title of an episode of power rangers.

Source for definition- and

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Line Project

This is my Line Project. I took a variety of pictures and collected objects on my journey. The experience of walking the line was very interesting, because I was forced to stop and observe nature that I don’t see everyday. One common theme was seeing trees that reminded of the human figure. For example, the first image reminded me of veins. Here are a few pictures I took

I also decided to explore the progression from light to dark in my images…These photographs are pictures I took throughout my walk. I started my walk at about 7 pm and ended at about 8. These pictures show the progression from light to dark.

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Personal Territory by Nicole Smith

The whole tour is attached and tucked inside this envelope

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Exploration #43

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Exploration #15

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Patterns Exercise #46

the table has a cris-cross pattern in the iron table top

the cars are moving in opposite directions.

there are lights posts set up equa-distant from eachother, in a line down the street

cars are parked with in the same way the traffic is going not against it.

buildings are square or rectangular, they all have corners. they all have roofs that come to a point at the highest part

all the tables are square

lights on cars are in even numbers, either 4 or 6.

trees grow upward, trees are planted across from one another

girl is running in a straight line. She then runs the opposite direction, and then repeats the pattern.

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People watching Exercise 22

Group of four people walk by at 750 p.m toward the coffee place, Terra Cotta. There is one girl and 3 boys. 2 out of the 3 boys are wearing white V-necks.

There is a man sitting at one of the Terra Cotta tables. He looks about 55, he is alone, drinking an expensive looking iced coffee. He is reading a large book and wearing Keen sandals.

There is a girl walking toward the bank. She has a very short dress on. The dress has a pretty flower pattern on it. She is wearing flip flops, is lanky and has a poufed out tummy.

Man on a motorcycle, stops and parks outside Terra Cotta. He is wearing jeans. He must be Sicilian because he has lots of curly black hair, which he holds back with a black headband. He is also wearing an unflattering leather jacket over his beer belly. He orders a coffee and sits out front alone.

22 year old male steps out of his black, fancy, sports car. he is wearing a baseball hat, glasses, an ugly patterned polo like the ones my dad wears. Needs a haircut, ugly dark blue collar.

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